We are the World’s Travel Platform

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring the world within reach.

Strategic Imperatives

  1. We Will be Locally Relevant on a Global Basis
  2. We Will be Customer Centric
  3. We Will Attract and Engage the World of Travel Suppliers
  4. We Will Power Other Industry Partners
  5. We Will Continuously Improve Our Platform with Data and Tech
  6. We Will be the Place where Exceptional People Who Share our Passion for Tech and Travel Want to do their Best Work

Expedia Group’s Guiding Principles

  1. Put Yourself in the Shoes of our Customers and Partners
  2. One Team, Group First
  3. Have a Bias to Action
  4. Relentlessly Strive for Better
  5. Think Big and Small
  6. Be Data Driven and Business Judgment Led
  7. Simplify
  8. Be Open and Honest
  9. Be Humble
  10. Be Positive.? Assume Positive Intent